What makes working here different?

We work remotely from home! The sentence ‘work from home’ might still be taboo for some people, especially in some country where we mostly need to get up super early in the morning, and face the crazy traffic just to go to work, and need to face more traffic when we want to go home.Here in SF Group, we adopt mobile worker management/remote job/BYOD. We call it “Balance Work With Style”.’

Balance Work With Style is a new way to work with your employer without the need for you to go to the office everyday. You can work anywhere in the world as long as you have good computer and internet connection.We believe in balanced life quality. You have the right to spend quality time with your family at home or take a holiday trip to that favorite beach you always wanted meanwhile you still can earn income by working with us.

As a Startup Company we require speed and agility. We believe in flexibility and productivity – so by adopting Work With Style we want to give high flexibility for the worker but still maintaining productivity.You can also spend more time with your family, friends and can keep doing your hobby and say goodbye to that rush hour traffic, while still earning money like other people! Who doesn’t want that kind of job?

We are working on the virtual office, it makes our work more efficient, because we do less chit-chat and can focus more on our job.

Want to know more about this kind of work ? Watch our crew’s testimonial below to know more about it :

Crew’s Testimonial

Let’s see a little bit testimonial from our crew in Indonesia. Check it out!

Our Activity

Even though we are working remotely, we do have offline meeting occasionally. Here is some of our offline meeting picture!